2021 Call for UNESCO Creative Cities now open!

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Created in 2004, the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) fosters international cooperation within and across cities of the world that have invested in culture and creativity as an accelerator of various aspects of sustainable development. Together with its 246 member cities from over 80 Member States, the UCCN aims to fulfil the power of culture and creativity in building cities … Read More

The 38th Busan International Short Film Festival

Anika Eunhye KIMBusan

2021 bisff

Busan International Short Film Festival (BISFF) unveils the official poster of its 38th edition. Eomji, who has worked as an illustrator in different fields, designed this year’s poster, titled <Gardener in the Desert>. We can see a gardener taking care of a giant cactus that is way bigger than Gardener in the barren soil of the desert. The Gardener is … Read More

Result Announcement – 2021 BIKY Poster Drawing Contest

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2021 biky

We are pleased to announce the winners of 2021 BIKY Poster Drawing Contest🥳! This year, 4 City including UNESCO Creative City of Film joined the project. The winners of the contest are: <Girl in Nature> Ilhana Sabanovic (Sarajevo/ Bosnia Herzegovina) <Animal Carnival> Angelo CHAN (Hong Kong) <Jump Around> Uliana Chetverikova (Russia) *In case of entries from city which is not … Read More

Busan International Kids & Youth Film Festival Poster Drawing Contest

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2021 BIKY Poster Drawing Contest_Final

Busan International Kids&Youth Film Festival calls for applications for the 2021 Poster Drawing Contest! As the only international kids’ film festival in Korea, it provides not only pleasures but also a ground for visual arts education to the young generation. The festival screens a wide range of films which are for children or made by children, together with colorful events attracting … Read More

The 4th Busan Inter-city Film Festival

Anika Eunhye KIMBusan, Collaborative, Network

4th Inter-city FF

Busan City of Film is pleased to host the 4th edition of Busan Inter-city Film Festival with an aim to celebrate the designation of UNESCO Creative City of Film Busan and enforce creative cities’ network! Every year, Busan Inter-city Film Festival has been produced and showed collaborative works of the Film Production Residency Project by cooperating with other creative cities. … Read More

UNESCO Film Cities Film Education and Media Literacy Forum 2020

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UNESCO Cities of Film map

On Thursday 26 November 2020, UNESCO Cities of Film from around the world came together to deliver an online forum to discuss film education and media literacy. The event was an opportunity to share knowledge and good practice and help each other to use the power of the moving image as a key tool to inspire and empower young minds. Presentations … Read More

Busan CG/VFX Professional Manpower Training Program

Anika Eunhye KIMBusan

Busan Film Commission opens ‘Busan CG/VFX Professional Manpower Training Program’ in order to cultivate professional human resources via practical experience in the CG/VFX field and education closely connected to industry. Furthermore, this program is expected to contribute to boosting employment as well as building up human network through direct manpower matching system. As a Grand Prize awarded project in the … Read More

Busan Asian Film School – one of Top 15 International Film Schools

Anika Eunhye KIMBusan

Busan Asian Film School has been introduced as one of the top 15 international film schools at The Hollywood Reporter. Operated by the Busan Film Commission, the school launched in 2016 in the South Korean port city known for hosting Asia’s largest film festival — offers six-month-long training courses for producers, nurtures Asian filmmakers and promotes regional co-productions.

The 3rd Busan Intercity Film Festival & Busan Film Production Residency Project has just kicked off!

Anika Eunhye KIMBusan, Collaborative

The 3rd Busan Intercity Film Festival & Film Production Residency Project kicks off soon in Busan UNESCO Creative City of Film! With its establishment in 2017, “Busan Intercity Film Festival & Film Production Residency Project ” is aimed at contributing to the cultural development and active exchanges by expanding network between UNESCO Creative Cities of Film, commemorating the designation of … Read More

Busan International Kids & Youth Film Festival

Anika Eunhye KIMBusan

The 14th BIKY is held from 7 to 15 July at Busan Cinema Center, Busan Community Media Center and Busan Buk-gu Culture Ice Sports Center. Celebrating its 14th edition this year, BIKY has been a platform to introduce films from all around the world, in addition to carrying out a number of exchange projects including Poster drawing contest with UNESCO … Read More