Busan, South Korea, was made a UNESCO City of Film in 2014.

What does this mean for Busan?

Being a part of the international UNESCO Creative Cities Network means that our city can:

  • ensure equal opportunity for the people of Busan to benefit from the film industry, either through greater engagement with its creation and production, or greater accessibility to film in and around the city.
  • ensure that the people across Busan have equal opportunities to participate in film activities, from film festivals to interactive workshops, while guaranteeing both the business and personnel infrastructure needed to support and encourage creative, social and economic opportunities.
  • further support the Busan film industry and aid development of the city’s film audiences through increasing engagement with events, festivals and screenings linking into existing tourism, cultural and leisure activities.
As a second biggest city in South Korea, Busan has an established reputation as a City of Film, thanks to its flourishing film culture, supported by the strong domestic film industry. Busan City of Film holds the vision, "Film for All", and with this vision, Busan works to grow as a leading UNESCO Creative City of Film, competing on a global scale in Asia and around the world.


What makes Busan a City of Film?

Busan International Film Festival

Film Culture

Busan City of Film is overflowing with an enthused film culture. The city hosts a wide range of film festivals including the Busan International Short Film Festival and Busan International Film Festival, one of the most reputable film festivals in the world. Alongside sought after film screenings, Busan offers a wide selection of community programs, industry engagement events and workshops for the people of Busan to enjoy.

Busan Film Industry

Film Industry

Busan City of Film is led by Busan Film Commission, the first film commission in Asia, and works to attract companies in the visual film and media industries to the city including developing new policies and initiatives. These fundamental changes offer greater support across the industry in Busan, ensuring supply of film production amenities, support for entrepreneurial activities and a stronger infrastructure.

Busan Film Education

Film Education

Organisations and institutes across the city, both in and outside of Busan, have created accessible and diverse educational programs for those living in Busan. Film education is much more freely available, with film literacy courses, production courses, screenwriting courses on offer. Residents have increased opportunities to contribute to programme development as well as local initiatives exploring cultural film engagement.

Invigorating Community Programs

Busan - invigorating community programs

Busan City Film holds its vision ‘Film for All’ at the core of its community outreach and engagement. The city hosts events and programs throughout the year designed to encourage and welcome citizens of Busan citizens. With so much on offer, a wide range of communities are actively engaged in film-related activities.

Widening Film Literacy

Busan City of Film has been working to widen Film Literacy Education for Busan citizens across the city, irrespective of their age. The ongoing project looks to reach out to not only those in public education organizations but to actively engage the private sectors, an aim which is strongly supported by the Busan city government.

Busan - widening film literacy

Strengthening International Partnership

Mobile Film Festival

As an established hub for Asian cinema, Busan City of Film is working to increase their existing network and extend their international relations. The team is making considerable effort to build new partnerships around the world and within the Creative Cities Network, in order to develop a range of engaging cooperative projects.

Latest News

Recent Filming

Dark Figure of Crime
(2018, TAE-Gyun Kim)
The Spy Gone North
(2018, Jong-bin Yun)
(2018, Lee Chang-dong)
FIPRESCI Prize, 2018 Cannes Film Festival
Black Panther
(2018, Ryan Coogler)
Hollywood Blockbuster
Along With the Gods
(2017, Yong-hwa Kim)
A Taxi Driver
(2017, Hun Jang)
(2016, Sang-ho Yeon)
Premiered at 2016 Cannes Film Festival
Ode to My Father
(2014, JK Youn)
If you want to know more about films shot in Busan, please visit the link below!

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