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Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, became a UNESCO City of Film in 2019.

What does this mean for Sarajevo?

Being a part of the international UNESCO Creative Cities Network means that our city can

  • collaborate with Cites of Film and other creative cities in the network to share knowledge and best practices as well as to take part in international creative projects and exchanges.
  • support film festivals, cinemas and film-related events to improve access to diverse film content all year round and enhance participation in film culture for all citizens.
  • create new employment and skills development opportunities for both film professionals and young people by expanding film and TV production in the city and the region.
Sarajevo is the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, situated at the crossroads between East and West. As a cultural and creative centre, the city is home to international film festivals, film archives, film schools and major production companies. With its turbulent history visible in diverse architecture, Sarajevo is an attractive filming location where 90% of national film production takes place.


What makes Sarajevo a City of Film?

Film Festivals

Sarajevo is home to the Sarajevo Film Festival, the leading film festival in Southeast Europe, shining an international spotlight on regional films and talent. The Festival draws over 3,000 accredited guests and over 100,000 admissions of general audience. Sarajevo’s annual international film festivals Al Jazeera Balkans Documentary Film Festival, Human Rights Film Festival, Youth Film Festival Sarajevo, Viva Film Festival and WARM Festival offer diverse screen content, and draw local, national and international audiences.

Film Industry

Sarajevo brings together over 1,000 professionals from all spheres of film industry who come to attend the CineLink Industry Days every year. The Cinelink Industry Days are a regional platform for the development of high-quality projects, short and feature films, documentary films and TV series made by filmmakers in the region. The main objective of this platform is to enhance regional cooperation and co-production, but the CineLink Industry Days also host many film professionals from across the world.

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Film Heritage

Sarajevo’s film history dates back to early 1900s with pioneering screenings and filmmaking. The National Film Archive of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Film Center Sarajevo protect and preserve films and film materials of historical, artistic, cultural, educational and scientific significance, building a strong record of Bosnian film heritage. The rich archives provide possibilities for research work for scientists, students and film lovers as well as for regular screenings of films, including old and nearly forgotten films.

Film and TV Production

Sarajevo City of Film will develop new initiatives that will help expand film and TV production in Sarajevo. Encouraging larger international productions and co-productions to film in the city will generate economic development, cultural and social benefits for the city, create new jobs and increase expertise and mobility of young people.

Sarajevo on Screen

Sarajevo City of Film project fosters production of Sarajevo-based short films through artistic and technical cooperation of young filmmakers and professionals in Southeast Europe, making Sarajevo visible on international screens across the world. This project involves young directors, screenwriters, producers, actors, editors, cinematographers, and composers from 20 different countries in the region. Filmmaking under this project supports the development and sustainably of local film industry as well as independent new voices and young filmmakers at the beginning of their promising careers.

Film Literacy

Sarajevo City of Film works towards supporting and organizing film literacy programs and educational workshops aimed at developing young people’s critical thinking about film and their understanding of the significance of knowledge acquisition through film and media culture. We seek to acquaint young people with film history, film theory and contemporary film production as well as to develop their love for film and cinema-going, enriching their lives with socializing, communication and dialogue.

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Recent Filming

Focus, Grandma
dir. Pjer Žalica, 2020
Take Me Somewhere Nice
dir. Ena Sendijarević, 2019
Sympathy for the Devil
dir. Guillaume de Fontenay, 2019
The Son
dir. Ines Tanović, 2019
Full Moon
dir. Nermin Hamzagić, 2019
Heroes Don't Die
dir. Aude Léa Rapin, 2019
Scream for Me Sarajevo
dir. Tarik Hodžić, 2016
Death in Sarajevo
dir. Danis Tanović, 2016

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