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Valladolid became a UNESCO City of Film in 2019.

What does this mean for Valladolid?

Being a part of the international UNESCO Creative Cities Network means that our city can

  • give greater amplitude, diversity and innovation to the cultural life of the city
  • strengthen the municipal policy of supporting cultural and creative industries, and with special priority, industries and artists of the audiovisual sector
  • expand the city's participation in international projects that reinforce its visibility, enrich its cultural agenda and contribute to sustainable socio-economic development
Historic city and former capital of the Kingdom of Spain, Valladolid is a renowned film set and welcomes filmmakers from all over the world. The Valladolid International Film Festival, SEMINCI, has been the backbone of the city’s film industry for 65 years, and an international benchmarks of independent cinema for both new and established creators.


What makes Valladolid a City of Film?

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Film Festivals

Valladolid International Film Week is a major annual event showing the city's passion for cinema. Visitors have enjoyed the festival for over 65 years, making it one of the oldest in Europe, and a benchmark for auteur cinema. Seminci today extends beyond the festival itself, making Valladolid a City of Film all year. 

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Film Production

Production companies seek out Valladolid for its unique locations and Mediterranean spirit in its light and people, all supported by the strong audiovisual industry. The country is home to many serene backdrops, mountains and forests, rivers and lakes, alongside medieval villas, palaces and churches. 

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Valladolid has been a leading city in higher education for 800 years. The University of Valladolid is one of the most diverse educational centres offering subjects, in the arts and audiovisual industries. The city welcomes 50,000 non-university students and 20,000 students in professional and higher education. 

Film Education

In 2019, the University of Valladolid created a new Masters in Cinema, Communication and Audiovisual Industry.

“In Spain and across Europe, very few higher education programs offer our content, specialized to address creative and industrial processes that challenge and disrupt cinema.

Mercedes Miguel Borrás, director of the Master

SEMINCI, 65th Edition

I know that I found my vocation in cinema in these precious moments: in the anticipation as the lights in the room go out, in the thirst for images, in the power of poetic language. And when they now ask me, "What is the first thing you will do when you can, when we can go out?" I say "Go to the movies."

Isabel Coixet, awarded the SEMINCI Sprig of Honor, in its 65th edition, October 2020
Mark Reid, Head of Education BFI

Cultural Capital

Clayton Community Cinema

Professionals in the culture sector, visitors and neighbours of the city define the cultural agenda of Valladolid as one of the richest in Spain. Eight centuries of history embellish the streets of the old town with dozens of civil and religious monuments. 15 museums offer cultural programming for all tastes, including the Spanish National Sculpture Museum.

Latest News

Recent Filming

dir. Pablo García Sanz, 2020
dir. Arturo Dueñas, 2020
Anatomía de un Dandy
dir. Charlie Arnaíz y Alberto Ortega, 2020

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