Bradford, United Kingdom, became the first UNESCO City of Film in 2009.

What does this mean for Bradford?

Being a part of the international UNESCO Creative Cities Network means that our city can

  • continue to develop film education opportunities alongside the Bradford Film Literacy Programme with further integration across schools and communities in Bradford
  • develop further collaborations through the UNESCO Creative Cities Network to celebrate culture, creativity and life through the moving image
  • continue to support professional film and TV production in the region through the Bradford Film Office
Bradford became the world’s first UNESCO City of Film in 2009, bestowing international recognition on Bradford as a world centre for film. Bradford is famous for its rich film heritage, inspirational filming locations and many celebrations of the moving image. The city hosts film festivals and filmed related events throughout the year.


What makes Bradford a City of Film?

Filming in Bradford

Film Heritage

Bradford leads on the Film Heritage project, showcasing Bradford’s contribution to film and television since the dawn of the moving image in the late 1800s. The Bradford District has hosted a diverse range of film and television productions, showing the many sides of the area, from the impressive city centre to the romantic moors of Ilkley and Haworth.

Film education in Bradford

Film Education

In place after receiving the designation, the Bradford Film Education programme aims to engage and inspire teachers and their students to use film and moving image to create, develop and enthuse young people’s interest in literacy through film. We work with partners in primary schools, community groups, university graduates and lifelong learning centres.

Film Production in Bradford

Film Production

Bradford is a much sought after filming location with a wide range of productions coming to city, from Hollywood and Bollywood blockbusters to high end TV drama. Well-known BBC TV series produced in Bradford include Peaky Blinders and Gentleman Jack, and a broad range of content production from independent production companies.

Film Production

Peaky Blinders set in Bradford

Bradford has some fantastic period buildings and locations that lend themselves perfectly to our filming needs. We are grateful to the city and to David Wilson and Film Council for welcoming the Peaky Blinders' cast and crew.

Quote from Peaky Blinders, Season 4

Film Education

Bradford primary schools are genuinely leading the world in their inclusion of film in their literacy teaching. The experience and expertise of teachers, advisors and consultants from local authority, built up over many years, is a major contributor to Bradford's prestige as a City of Film.

Mark Reid, Head of Education BFI
Mark Reid, Head of Education BFI

Community Cinemas

Clayton Community Cinema
Clayton Community Cinema

We have really enjoyed working with Bradford City of Film and look forward to continuing to develop our relationship over the next few years. The cinema has become an important part of our community particularly among some of our more elderly customers. It's great to see the community getting together with a wide range of ages and cultures and we look to expanding our audience in the future.

Andy Waterman, Clayton Community Cinema

Latest News

Recent Filming

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