Result Announcement – 2021 BIKY Poster Drawing Contest

Anika Eunhye KIMBusan, Collaborative, Network, Sarajevo

2021 biky
2021 biky

We are pleased to announce the winners of 2021 BIKY Poster Drawing Contest🥳!

This year, 4 City including UNESCO Creative City of Film joined the project.

The winners of the contest are:

<Girl in Nature> Ilhana Sabanovic (Sarajevo/ Bosnia Herzegovina)

<Animal Carnival> Angelo CHAN (Hong Kong)

<Jump Around> Uliana Chetverikova (Russia)

*In case of entries from city which is not UNESCO Creative Cities of Film, 1 entry per country is selected.

Following the result, through the careful judging process by BIKY Committee, Busan City of Film selected Ilhana Sabanovic from Sarajevo(Title: A girl in Nature) as a final winner! Due to Covid-19 situation, we are not sure to invite her to the festival as we did so far. If we can’t invite her, we will provide her with alternative gifts equivalent to the invitation benefits as well as chance to join online event as a final winner.

Busan City of Film would like to express our deepest gratitude to all cities who joined our project. We hope all of you join this project again in next edition.