The 4th Busan Inter-city Film Festival

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4th Inter-city FF

Busan City of Film is pleased to host the 4th edition of Busan Inter-city Film Festival with an aim to celebrate the designation of UNESCO Creative City of Film Busan and enforce creative cities’ network!

Every year, Busan Inter-city Film Festival has been produced and showed collaborative works of the Film Production Residency Project by cooperating with other creative cities.
The festival will be held online and onsite, and films from creative cities of film, such as Lodz, Sarajevo, Sydney, Valladolid, Yamagata, and Busan, will be opened to the public via an online platform. In addition, works of 2020 Film Production Residency Project will be premiered on an online platform and at Busan Cinema Center.

In December, a month of UNESCO Creative City of Film Busan’s designation, please have a meaningful time for joining the 4th Busan Inter-city Film Festival.

◈2020 Film Production Residency Project’s Showcase: 2020.12.05. at Busan Cinema Center

◈​Busan Inter-city Film Festival’s Online Screening: 2020.12.06.~12.12.

📍At (opened from 12.04)