UNESCO Film Cities Film Education and Media Literacy Forum 2020

Natalie MooreŁódź, Bradford, Bristol, Busan, Collaborative, Network, Terrassa

UNESCO Cities of Film map

On Thursday 26 November 2020, UNESCO Cities of Film from around the world came together to deliver an online forum to discuss film education and media literacy. The event was an opportunity to share knowledge and good practice and help each other to use the power of the moving image as a key tool to inspire and empower young minds.

Presentations were given by a number of UNESCO Film Cities, including Busan (S. Korea), Valladolid (Spain), Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Łódź (Poland), Potsdam (Germany), Bradford (UK) and Terrassa (Spain). Panel members from various Film Cities discussed, amongst other topics, film as an effective tool for learning and career development, film-based methodologies for engaging children and young people in education, and the importance of media literacy and critical thinking in our digital world.

Watch the full recording of the forum here: