2021 Call for UNESCO Creative Cities now open!

Natalie MooreŁódź, Bitola, Bradford, Bristol, Busan, Collaborative, Galway, Mumbai, Network, Potsdam, Qingdao, Rome, Sarajevo, Sofia, Sydney, Terrassa, Valladolid, Yamagata

Created in 2004, the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) fosters international cooperation within and across cities of the world that have invested in culture and creativity as an accelerator of various aspects of sustainable development. Together with its 246 member cities from over 80 Member States, the UCCN aims to fulfil the power of culture and creativity in building cities … Read More

Cinema House autumn programme confirmed

Eleanor PenderSofia

The discussion programme developed by the Cinema House gives the opportunity for the students to watch and analyse keystone works of the European and independent cinema free of charge.

Brand new radio-TV centre at New Bulgarian University

Eleanor PenderSofia

The New Bulgarian University started the academic year with a new modern Radio TV Centre. The brand new corpus incorporates a movie theatre, archive centre, radio-tv centre, studio for animation and a movie centre.

24th Sofia International Film Festival hailed a success

Eleanor PenderSofia

Despite the state of emergency, this year Sofia International Film Festival showcased a stunning programme of 159 titles in three seasons – spring, summer and autumn. Milcho Manchevski is the special prize-winner for Willow.