Films from Sarajevo City of Film online for free

Magdalena PopovićSarajevo

From 6th of April to 8th of May 2022, 33 shor films produced as part of the Sarajevo City of Film project will be available free of charge to viewers worldwide at One short film will be posted each day on the online platform, which will be available to viewers for the next seven days from the moment when they … Read More

30% Cash Rebate – Filming in Sarajevo

Magdalena PopovićSarajevo

The Sarajevo Canton Government has introduced a new incentive scheme for the production of audiovisual works in the Sarajevo Canton. Incentives for film production are introduced to encourage film production, create favorable conditions for the development of professions and projects in the field of film as well as to promote production and service potentials of the Sarajevo Canton as a … Read More

The Cinema Night attracts over 3,500 visitors

Magdalena PopovićSarajevo

The Cinema Night organized by Sarajevo UNESCO City of Film for the first time took place on 28th December 2021, symbolically on the date when the Lumiere brothers held the first cinema screening in the world in Paris in 1895. This holiday season, the Cinema Night event, as a gift to the audience, for one night opened the doors of … Read More

Sarajevo at the Bitola Third Forum of UNESCO Film Cities

Magdalena PopovićSarajevo

Sarajevo UNESCO City of Film participates at the Third Forum of UNESCO Film Cities in Bitola, North Macedonia, on October 28th and 29th, 2021. The Forum on “Creative Industries – The Future of Cultural and Creative Economies / Covid-19 Challenges” brings together representatives of UNESCO Film Cities from around the world and local representatives active in creative industries in North … Read More

Sarajevo at the 2021 Busan Inter-City Film Festival

Magdalena PopovićSarajevo

This year, Sarajevo participates at the Busan Inter-City Film Festival for the second time, as part of the international cooperation of UNESCO Film Cities. The 5th edition of the Busan Inter-City Film Festival brings 27 short films from 14 cities: Bitola, Bradford, Busan, Fukuoka, Lodz, Potsdam, Rome, Santos, Sarajevo, Sydney, Tainan, Valladolid, Yamagata and Wellington. Sarajevo at the Festival presents … Read More

2021 Call for UNESCO Creative Cities now open!

Natalie MooreŁódź, Bitola, Bradford, Bristol, Busan, Collaborative, Galway, Mumbai, Network, Potsdam, Qingdao, Rome, Sarajevo, Sofia, Sydney, Terrassa, Valladolid, Yamagata

Created in 2004, the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) fosters international cooperation within and across cities of the world that have invested in culture and creativity as an accelerator of various aspects of sustainable development. Together with its 246 member cities from over 80 Member States, the UCCN aims to fulfil the power of culture and creativity in building cities … Read More

Result Announcement – 2021 BIKY Poster Drawing Contest

Anika Eunhye KIMBusan, Collaborative, Network, Sarajevo

2021 biky

We are pleased to announce the winners of 2021 BIKY Poster Drawing Contest🥳! This year, 4 City including UNESCO Creative City of Film joined the project. The winners of the contest are: <Girl in Nature> Ilhana Sabanovic (Sarajevo/ Bosnia Herzegovina) <Animal Carnival> Angelo CHAN (Hong Kong) <Jump Around> Uliana Chetverikova (Russia) *In case of entries from city which is not … Read More

The Second Forum of UNESCO Cities of Film in Bitola

Eleanor PenderSarajevo

Sarajevo UNESCO City of Film participated at the Second Forum of UNESCO Creative Cities in Bitola, 25-28 August 2020, which was organized this year as a combined onsite and online event due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The forum brought together representatives of UNESCO Cities of Film as well as representatives of local institutions, NGOs and businesses working in creative industries. … Read More