The contest ‘One Shot Terrassa City of Film’ an international success

Terrassa City Of FilmTerrassa

The first edition of the ‘One Shot Terrassa City of Film’ was held in the city of Terrassa as part of the celebration of the ‘Week of Cinema’ and the sequence shot was the main protagonist of it all. Despite being the first time, this event has achieved great international success: 1,700 tapes were received from 102 different countries. This international video contest recovers the “Contest of the Sequence Plan” that for 9 years was held in Terrassa organized by the ‘Old Choir’ that has returned to lead this year’s proposal.

In this edition, three prizes of 1,200, 1,000 and 800 euros have been awarded to short films from Italy, Germany and the Islamic Republic of Iran, respectively. In addition, three short films in the junior category, made by authors under the age of 17, were also prize winners.

The current situation of the pandemic meant that the screenings of the selected short films, the award ceremony and the closing ceremony were made live, broadcasted in ‘streaming’ on the different social networks and Canal Terrassa TV. To date, the closing ceremony of “One Shot” is also available for everyone on its YouTube channel.

Definitely, the ‘One Shot Terrassa City of Film’ contest has been an overflowing and absolutely unexpected success for its organizers. Undoubtedly, with this first edition, a new launch stage has begun to recognize the work of short films recorded in the sequence shot and is also recognizing the importance of audio-visual creation at an international level.