“Preventive Creativity”: 1st virtual meeting of artists and creators of the UNESCO Creative Cities in Spain

Terrassa City Of FilmCollaborative, Terrassa

Under the title “Preventive Creativity”, the nine Spanish UNESCO Creative Cities gave voice to their artists, creators and intellectuals in a virtual meeting from Terrassa, the host of the event as part of the ‘3rd Film Week’.

Important guests:

Sixteen prominent professionals linked to different cities attended the roundtable’s streaming. The artists Conrad Roset and Anna Taratiel were the cultural exponents of Terrassa City of Film. Other great artists such as the writer Manuel Vicent or the publisher Silvia Sesé represented the literary creation; the chefs Quique D’acosta and Miguel Cobo the gastronomic field; the musicians Mario Torrijo and Llibert Fortuny, as well as the film experts Robert Lozano, Jesús Lens, Iván Miñambres or the paleontologist gave their perspective on the present and the future of culture today.

Arquitecture, drawing and street art were represented with cultural participants such as Anna Taratiel, Rodolfo Navarro, Mayaya Cebrián, Elisa de los Reyes, Yanisbel Martínez or Conrad Roset, experts which discussed about the new ways of creation, distribution and interaction with the public in times of crisis from each of its disciplines.

Reflections: present and future of culture:

The roundtables reached very enriching and optimistic conclusions. For instance, art transcends time and space and, in this sense, it’s a unique language, as well as deep reflections on the adaptation of culture to an increasingly digitalized world. The ability of reinvention that cultural expressions have in this moment of crisis by looking to the future, being able to adapt and turn this new situation into a creative opportunity and development.

Terrassa celebrates having been the technological host of the meeting, thanks to the technical support of Canal Terrassa – Societat Municipal de Comunicació. It has been a pleasure being part of this joint initiative shared with the eight other UNESCO Creative Cities in Spain: Barcelona (Literature), Bilbao (Design), Burgos (Gastronomy), Dénia (Gastronomy), Granada (Music), Llíria (Music), Sevilla (Literature) and Valladolid (Cinema).

You can enjoy the first session HERE

You can enjoy the second session HERE