Introduction to our new short documentary “Yamagata Tea Ceremony – Once in a Lifetime Encounters” (2020)

Nami AikoYamagata

“Yamagata Tea Ceremony – Once in a Lifetime Encounters” (2020 / 24 mins / Dir: SATO Koichi)

Yamagata Tea Ceremony – Once in a Lifetime Encounters (一期一会〜山形のお茶文化〜)” (2020 / 24 mins / Dir: SATO Koichi (佐藤広一)) is a short documentary filmed through our local creative project “Yamagata Renaissance Project.” The project produces a series of films that will introduce the appeal of Yamagata’s traditional culture through new and contemporary eyes and offer young local film talent a chance to hone their skills.

With the collaboration of different schools of tea, the tea culture of Yamagata City has succeeded in a unique development. The documentary film “Yamagata Tea Ceremony” conveys the passion of tea masters and the charms of tea culture in Yamagata City.

The film’s online first showing was held in June 2020 and we have been receiving good reviews.

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