The 20th Creative Café “Experience Contemporary Dance, Boost Creativity!”

Nami AikoYamagata

On Tuesday, 25 June 2019, we held the 20th Creative Café on the 3rd floor of Yamagata Manabikan.

The theme was “Experience Contemporary Dance, Boost Creativity!“.

It is a combination workshop to experience contemporary dance, discover Yamagata’s future hub “Yamagata Manabikan”, and make dance films to express “Colors of Yamagata” using the drone movie of Yamagata. Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that is not strained to specific dance genres. The facilitator, Ms. KATO Yumi, says, “anyone can be a contemporary dancer, showing their creativity and their minds through physical moves.”

Yamagata City has been planning to renovate “Yamagata Manabikan” as a hub for the Yamagata City of Film. It is a collaborative event of our new center and the Creative Café. The 3rd floor is usually not opened for the public, so it is a special occasion for the citizens to enter the unique place of the Yamagata Manabikan.

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