Our short documentary “Yamagata Maiko – Traditional Performing Arts in the Modern Day” (2019) is available on Youtube

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Yamagata Maiko – Traditional Performing Arts in the Modern Day (2019 / 26 mins / Dir: SATO Koichi)

Yamagata Maiko – Traditional Performing Arts in the Modern Day (やまがた舞子〜受け継がれる伝統芸能〜)” (2019 / 26 mins / Dir: SATO Koichi (佐藤広一)) is a short documentary filmed through our local creative project “Yamagata Renaissance Project.” The project produces a series of films that will introduce the appeal of Yamagata’s traditional culture through new and contemporary eyes and offer young local film talent a chance to hone their skills.

The film was screened at the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival 2019 and the Busan Intercity Film Festival 2019 and won the honorable mention at the Japan Public Relations Competition for the Best Motion Pictures in 2020.

An apprentice geisha, the maiko is an icon of traditional performing arts and Japanese restaurant culture, so-called ryo-tei, of Yamagata City. The film carries passions and charms of people in Yamagata to hand the tradition down for future generations.

As we all face the pandemic and need some creative courage at home, we decided to upload the full movie of “Yamagata Maiko” on our official webpage and Youtube.
It has the English subtitles so everyone in the world can enjoy the beauty of maiko at home.

▶︎ Yamagata Maiko” (English page) on our official website

▶︎  “Yamagata Maiko” (with English subtitles) on Youtube