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On the 22nd and 23rd of this month, a new educational film festival has been released in the city of Terrassa: the Sex Education Film Festival. This international short film festival is dedicated to the fundamental role of sex education in the training of people. With the participation of filmmakers from the sector and from thirty different countries, it seeks … Read More

The contest ‘One Shot Terrassa City of Film’ an international success

Terrassa City Of FilmTerrassa

The first edition of the ‘One Shot Terrassa City of Film’ was held in the city of Terrassa as part of the celebration of the ‘Week of Cinema’ and the sequence shot was the main protagonist of it all. Despite being the first time, this event has achieved great international success: 1,700 tapes were received from 102 different countries. This … Read More

“Preventive Creativity”: 1st virtual meeting of artists and creators of the UNESCO Creative Cities in Spain

Terrassa City Of FilmCollaborative, Terrassa

Under the title “Preventive Creativity”, the nine Spanish UNESCO Creative Cities gave voice to their artists, creators and intellectuals in a virtual meeting from Terrassa, the host of the event as part of the ‘3rd Film Week’. Important guests: Sixteen prominent professionals linked to different cities attended the roundtable’s streaming. The artists Conrad Roset and Anna Taratiel were the cultural … Read More

Terrassa Film Tour

Terrassa City Of FilmTerrassa

Terrassa Film Office offers a unique visit to the most important movie locations in the city, a different way of seeing some of very special or even common places to let the imagination run free.